Affordable Boat Self-Storage


Boat Self-Storage


On sunny summer weekends, many of us can be found out on the open water. Getting out on the lake in a sailboat or powerboat is relaxing, healing, and very Canadian! Having a boat also means that you and your family and friends are always ready for fun: fishing, sailing, water-skiing, hang-gliding, or just cruising around. However, a boat is a big investment; as well as the initial purchase price, the accessories, gasoline, maintenance, and storage can all add up.


Some of these costs are beyond our control, but in recent years, cheaper alternatives for boat self-storage have appeared. Traditionally, boat owners have had to park their crafts for the winter at a marina dock or at a storage facility, two pricey options. However, in today’s sharing economy there is a better choice: space sharing.


Right in Your Neighbourhood


The idea of using technology to match people who can supply goods or services with the people who need them is innovative and efficient. Companies using this idea, like Airbnb or Uber, are considered part of the "sharing economy.” Space sharing is a concept by which people who have extra space act as "hosts” for people who have items to store. Because such arrangements can be easily facilitated through an internet platform, overhead costs are low, and the savings are passed on to the renter. The sharing economy has other positive effects, too; it’s more environmentally friendly than conventional storage, and it helps to build community.


Space sharing allows you to find someone in your neighbourhood who has an empty garage or shed where you can store your boat safely through the winter months. You simply register (for free) with a reputable space sharing company and specify the type of storage space you’re looking for. The company’s platform will display possibilities in your area, and you can choose which one you’d like to rent. If you apply and the host accepts you as a renter, the space sharing company will help to facilitate all of the arrangements.


Safe Systems and Procedures


A company specializing in space sharing will have various procedures in place to ensure that your boat will be safe and sound until you’re ready to take it out on the water again. These include providing a legal agreement that will be signed by you and by the host that sets out the terms of the rental. (Terms might include spelling out how you will gain access to the site, for example.) If you have trouble with a host, the space sharing company can help you to resolve the issue. All of your payments will go through the space sharing company’s site, which should use a secure payment system such as PayPal to process monthly payments.


And, speaking of payments…you can expect fees for space sharing to be much lower than those charged by conventional storage companies – in many cases, up to 50% lower!


Explore better, more affordable storage options for your boat. Visit a space sharing site today, and learn more about available storage near you.